Videos have come a long way on the internet. As soon as the advent of a stable platform for videos online, there was a gap for advertising. Online video advertising carries on the legacy of TV advertising, where one can opt to sponsor, create product placement or even downright creating an advert to be played in an allocated slot. With multiple channels of communication and selective audience targeting; online video advertising can do all these and more.

Our team of videographers, editors and motion graphic designers are ready to take on any tasks given; from live streaming to green screen shoots, the sky’s the limit (literally… we have drones.).


Moving pictures and sounds on the Internet

Moving like a well-oiled machine made of special forces Jedis, the video wizards live on a simple credo of Veni Video Vici.

With editing skills that is pretty much witchcraft at this point, they create Facebook videos that ensnares users to click like. The pictures that they capture for Instagram are so on point that MC Hammer has given them permission to ‘touch this’. Their GIFs are so perfectly looped that legend has it, a user is still trying to figure out the cutting points. With a stroke of their beard, a wink of their gifted eye and a touch of Adobe Dust, they can create videos suitable from YouTube all the way to In-App Videos.

MMC Gamuda GIF

MMC Gamuda GIF

Allianz Pacer December GIF

Allianz Pacer December GIF

Domino’s Malaysia GIF

Domino’s Malaysia GIF


Need a campaign video?

Give us a message and intent and we’ll ask our Classically trained writing drones to come up with storyline and script strong enough to be accepted by our video wizards to shoot. Your campaign will tell stories that will touch hearts and tickle senses where it counts!


Why stories?

The internet is a funny place. Everyday a new meme is born. We like to ride the waves of memes, we believe that it is the fastest way to connect with the audience. So when a new video trend is spawned, rest assured that we’re thinking about how to link your brand with the latest internet sensation.


Moving pictures and sounds for your company? We got your back!

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Pokémon Go Safety Video


Corporate Videos? We got your back!

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MRT Train Test

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